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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the turnaround time for my order?
Our current timeline is 10 - 14 days for initial mockup designs and then 3 - 5 business days for finals if edits are needed. Depending on how many revisions you require, this could take more or less time. Also, order times are subject to change depending on time of the year and amount of orders we get in a week - but rest assured, we are working quickly as possible to get your images done with high quality.
Can I send You My Product?
We do not physically touch your product or take the original photos for the $129.00 magic image package. You will provide us with your original photos to be digitally enhanced. Many sellers will take their original photos with their phone or even have their supplier take some photos so they have their images ready ASAP. You WILL ship us your product to Hershey, PA USA when you choose the $249.99 Magic photography service.
What Counts as a Variation?
Variations on the same product detail page can be purchased at a reduced rate above. Variations must be similar to the original image order and be able to be switched out reasonably. All variation image orders will use the same background as the original purchased ASIN.
None of The Above Options Fit My Needs - Can I Request A Custom Quote?
Yes, email us at with what you need and in most cases we are able to give a custom quote.
How Long Do I Have To Use My Order?
You have up to 6 months to redeem your purchases. So, for example, if you order a 10-ASIN image package at a discount, you can redeem those 10 ASINs at anytime over the next 6 months.
Note - if your order includes A+ Content, copy for A+ is not started until you first approve your A+ images. Once A+ images are approved, the copy will be finalized. This could impact the overall turnaround time for an order that includes A+.
Can You Upload My Images Or Listing Text For Me?
We provide you with your enhanced photos and/or your text copy, but do not upload them on your behalf. Seller Central has training under Seller University on how to create/upload your listing.
Do You Make Sure My Images Are Up To TOS?
Amazon rules state that the main product image should not have any logos, text or badges and an all-white background. They state that an all-white background is not required for alternate images. We will provide your images according to your request, but we recommend that you review and abide by Amazon's TOS. It is 100% your responsibility to make sure that your images comply with Amazon's TOS and any changes Amazon may make at any time.
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Photos Currently Are Taking Around 7 - 12 days for initial drafts. Time of completion may vary depend on time of the year and demand.
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