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The 3 Pillars Of Amazon PPC Success
Pillar #1: A Great Listing Foundation

PPC Success starts with a great listing foundation, which consists of images, copy & keywords. Without a solid listing foundation, you are limiting your PPC potential.
Pillar #2: A Deep Understanding Of The Amazon Platform
Understanding auto/manual campaigns, the 3 core match types, the search term report and how to optimize your keywords and eliminate negative keywords are critical to your success.
Pillar #3: Your ACOS Goals & Maximum Bid Performance
Don't guess your way through this. There is too much at stake. You need to have a clear ACOS goal for every campaign and adjust your bids to maximize performance.
We've Literally Created The Course On Amazon Sponsored Ads
Liran Hirschkorn
Amazon Sponsored Ads were essential in my process of building two separate 7-figure brands on Amazon. Quickly on in my Amazon private label career, I dedicated myself to becoming an Amazon PPC expert. Through intense training and extensive testing, I not only was able to become an expert at Amazon Sponsored Ads, but I also put together the PPC Blueprint Course.
What People Are Saying:
I have Liran handle all my Amazon Sponsored Ad needs. He is a straight up wizard when it comes to optimizing campaigns and getting results!
- Andy Slamans
I got a chance to hear Liran speak about utilizing Amazon Sponsored Ads in Chicago. Liran too, is AMAZING, I call him "all things Amazon". I have yet to ask him a question for which he didn't know the answer.
- Sharon W., Amazon Brand Owner
I just have to say that Liran Hirschkorn in the past few weeks has taken my business to a whole new level!! Thanks to his PPC expertise and his expertise in getting products to come up on page 1!!!
- Lori Barzvi, - Brand Owner at Love, Lori
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